DIY: Homemade Make-up Remover Pads

Sometimes I like to get a little crafty and make things just for the sake of making things, but I must say, this was one of my more practical creations. Recently I was perusing around on Pinterest and came across many different concoctions and creations for “homemade” face cleansers and make-up removers. Its a simple concept, seems easy enough and practical at that. I mean come to think of it I go through sooooooo many packages of make-up remover wipes that it actually isn’t funny (and gets pretty pricey). So naturally, I looked around my vanity to see what “ingredients” I had that I thought would make a good, hydrating, gentle, cleansing make-up remover.

Here’s what I found…

Hannah’s Homemade Makeup Remover Pads Before you begin, make sure you wash your hands (after all you are going to be touching the pads that will be touching your face and if your hands are dirty, well…). And keep in mind, these numbers don’t have to be exact!

  • 1 cup of distilled water
  • 1 Tablespoon of Sephora’s Waterproof Makeup Remover
  • 2 1/2 Tablespoons of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil (this stuff is SO amazing and does not clog your pores, you can use any oil really but for my skin, I know this oil does not cause me to break out and it helps clear up my complexion)
  • (Optional) I used a few sprays/spritzes of Sephora’s Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser because it has antibacterial properties in it and my rationale is that if we use it to clean our tools that we use on our face, it should work as a great cleanser added in our own makeup removing solution.
  • Glass Jar (Mason Jar, Pyrex, anything airtight to store your pads in)
  • Cotton Rounds from a drugstore

Now for the fun part! Gather all your supplies and get ready to make your final product (I know I am so nerdy that I get excited over something like this…)

my chosen ingredients

my chosen ingredients

Next, add the water and the rest of your ingredients (the oil, the cleanser, etc) all into one cup. Stir- the oil will separate from the water, that is just science, but try to mix it up as best as you can. Grab your glass storage container of your choice (making sure that it is clean obviously) and add about 5-6 pads to the bottom of the dry container. Now pour a small amount of your premixed concoction over these few pads– you will see the pads absorb some of the liquid. Keep alternating between adding small stacks of pads and adding the cleansing solution over the pads. By the time you are done you should used up most, if not all, of your mixture and the pads should be saturated and there should only be a little bit of liquid “floating around” down at the bottom!

This is after all the liquid mixture has been added and as you can see the pads are saturated and all you need is the lid!

This is after all the liquid mixture has been added and as you can see the pads are saturated and all you need is the lid!

Ta-da! And that is it! I was so excited to try my new makeup removing pads right away & am so happy to say that they did not disappoint! It was fun to create something of my own that I need to use daily and it was so easy because I just used everyday items  and products that I already have lying around.

the finished product in an airtight container!

the finished product in an airtight container!

Honestly, you can really choose whatever ingredients you think will work best for your skin as long as you have the water, an oil, and some sort of “cleanser/toner”. Experiment a little and let me know what you think/try!


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